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Download the White Paper: "7 Steps to ICS and SCADA Security"

Find out how your organization can get moving on more robust cyber security practices.

This white paper:

  • Tells you the 7 steps to take to start improving your organization's cyber security posture.
  • Saves you time by providing material condensed from numerous industry standards and best practice documents.
  • Incorporates the real world experience of two prominent ICS security experts.

  • Helps you optimize your spending and resource allocation for cyber security initiatives.

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Protect your plant against process disruption, safety incidents and business losses from modern cyber security threats!

From the white paper:

"Start by performing a high-level risk assessment on each of the major control systems in your plant, company or corporation. While this may seem like a daunting task, it can be very manageable if you adopt a simple, lightweight risk assessment methodology."

"Arguably the most important tactical step that can be taken to improve the security of your industrial automation system is network segmentation using the IEC 62443 zones and conduits model."

"Harden the components of your system to prevent unauthorized access or changes, remove unnecessary functions or features and patch any known vulnerabilities."

"Effective ICS and SCADA security is not a one-time project. Rather, it is an ongoing, iterative project."