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Belden is enhancing its Data Center offering with Cormant-CS Infrastructure Management Software. Cormant-CS allows data center customers to monitor and manage assets, the infrastructure, environmental controls, and power and data connectivity in real-time for improved efficiency and uptime.

Cormant-CS seamlessly integrates with a variety of Belden DCIM-ready solutions, including Traceable patch cords, intelligent power distribution units, cabinet access control systems and the Adaptive Enclosure Heat Containment system that monitors cabinet heat load and temperature.


The Cormant-CS DCIM suite is designed to manage the entire IT Infrastructure, including facilities, equipment, network paths, power and environmental data.


Cormant-CS is completely configurable and vendor neutral; it can manage any infrastructure regardless of type, with precisely the data fields your organization demands.


Assets and Connectivity
Cormant-CS's asset and connectivity tracking ensure every asset is recorded and any type of connection, power or data, is managed no matter how complex.


Cormant-CS utilizes SNMP, XML and CLI to integrate with any network enabled devices in your infrastructure. Cormant-CS also offers a read/write API for intersystem integrations.


Access Anywhere
Cormant-CS offers mobile access to information from any location. Our Windows Mobile software enables offline access plus instant identification using barcodes or RFID.


Trusted Data
Combining mobility and configurability means data you can trust. Capacity planning and work-flow life cycle management just got a whole lot less stressful.

Know exactly what your entire facilities and IT infrastructure look like.

To effectively minimize risk and optimize return on investment, organizations need complete visibility, control and management of their entire physical IT infrastructure and a thorough understanding of its overall current and future capacity.

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