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Download the application note: "Implementing Cyber Security in Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms" 

This document explains:Substation-Design-PR1-Cover-Slide

  • The cyber security requirements of a high volume offshore oil and gas platform

  • The Defense in Depth approach taken to secure the facility

  • The reasons the Tofino Industrial Security Solution was selected
  • The final application including a network diagram

After reading this document you will understand how using Defense in Depth and Tofino's solution can result in increased security, reliability and availability for your platform.

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From the application note:

An oil and gas production company operates a fixed natural gas and oil gathering and processing platform located in deep water on the US continental shelf.

The platform serves multiple natural gas and oil wells connected by pipes running along the seabed back to the platform. The facility was designed to handle a high volume, thus there is a strong emphasis on reliability.

Any downtime, whether caused by accidental or malicious forces, would interrupt oil and gas production and be very costly.

The production company challenged their System Integrator to improve the reliability and uptime of the control network on the platfrom and help them implement SCADA networking best practices.