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Multi-Tenant Data Centers

"While colocation supply is growing, demand for it is growing even faster" -Nemertes Research

Multi-Tenant Data Center Providers Face Increasing
Challenges in the Marketplace

Increasing Competition

Increasing number of competitors

Competitors Offer More Value

Competitors offering more value with different services

Slow Equipment Deployment

Deploying customer equipment takes too long

Rising Expectations

Customers have ever increasing expectations

Belden Solves Multi-Tenant Data Center Challenges

Here to Help You Succeed

Free Needs Assessments

Free needs assessments

Design Custom Solutions

Design custom solutions

Access to Experts

Access to experts

Learn About Customization

Focused on Reducing Cost

Reduce Energy Consumption

Reduce energy consumption

Intelligent Monitoring

Intelligent monitoring

Vast Product Portfolio

Vast product portfolio

Learn About Cost Reduction

Structured for Fast Deployment

Data Center Ready

Data Center Ready

Inventory and Logistics Programs

Inventory and logistics programs

Compatible with Standard Porducts

Compatible with standard products

Learn About Ease of Use

Invented for Scalability

High-Density Solutions

High-density solutions

Customized to Meet Your Customers' Needs

Customized to meet your specific needs

Continual Product Development

Continual product development

Learn About Space Utilization
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