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Download the Technical Briefing Kit: "Understanding Deep Packet Inspection for SCADA Security" 

This Technical Briefing Kit explains:White-Paper-Understanding-DPIICS-Security-Understanding-Deep-Packet-Inspection-White-Paper-Image

  • The lack of granularity of SCADA/ICS protocols, making Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) a necessity

  • How DPI improves the security and reliability of industrial systems

  • The urgent need for DPI given the advanced malware that is attacking industrial control systems nowadays

  • Tofino Security DPI technology for securing the Modbus, OPC Classic and EtherNet/IP protocols

After reading this Technical Briefing Kit, you will understand how DPI improves industrial security.

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From the white paper:

“Traditional IT firewalls either allow a certain protocol or block it. Fine-grained control of the protocol is impossible.”

"This is an issue because the SCADA ICS protocols themselves have no granularity. From the perspective of the port number, a data read message looks EXACTLY like a firmware update message."

If you allow data read messages, from an HMI to a PLC, to pass through a traditional firewall, you are also allowing programming messages to pass through."

"A Deep Packet Inspection firewall inspects the content contained in messages and applies more detailed rules. It is designed to understand the specific SCADA protocols and then apply filters on fields and values that matter to control systems."