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Succeed At Planning Your Future

"To futureproof a network, you should design it so that only 30% of its capacity is used." -Axis

Why is planning for the future vital to your success?

System will be at risk
of being impeded

Limited Bandwidth

Limited bandwidth

Restricted Access

Restricted access

Constrained Improvement

Constrained in ability to improve

Difficult and expensive
to make major changes

High Cost

High cost

Long Implementation

Longer implementation process

Inefficient Change

Inefficiencies during changes

Belden Helps You Develop A Long Term Strategy

Developed for Scalability

Industry Experts

Leading industry experts

Simple Design

Simple design

Faster Upgrades

Upgrade systems faster

Invented for Scale

Leading Standard and Customized Solutions

Product Innovation

Continual product innovation

Quicker Installation

Rapid creation and deployment of custom solutions

Standard Footprints

Compatible with standard products

Leading Standard Solutions
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Future of Business IT

We cover IT market trends, applications and drivers, and take a closer look at how to make informed choices as we ready ourselves for the future.

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Watch this webinar to better understand the real-world implications of deploying higher-wattage PoE on twisted-pair cabling.

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Learn about products and technologies currently available for Base8 and how to implement a fiber-optic infrastructure based on this 8-fiber concept.

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White Paper
Can't Ignore Cat6A

You can't ignore 6A anymore. Emerging applications are demanding it, standards are recommending it, and many barriers are no longer relevant.

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White Paper

Discover how passive optical LANs (POLANs) may be a viable alternative for your network to traditional switch-based LANs.

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Case Study
St. Francis

Learn how St. Francis Hospital partnered with the Belden Experts to build two new towers enabling physicians to be closer to their patients.

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"Deciphering RJ45 Color Codes"

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"Copper Cable in a Wireless World"

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"6 Key Considerations When Choosing Category 6A Cable"

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"The Rise of LAN 2.0"

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"How Does Category 8 Compare?"

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"HDBaseT: Common Questions Answered?"

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