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NEW! REVConnect Patch Panels are now available. Click here to watch the overview video and learn more. 

Reliable Solution.
Smoother Projects.

Reliable. Easy. Versatile.

The REVConnect system is designed to provide maximum reliability and ease of install for the contractor. Recommending REVConnect will provide a smoother project process and result in the best experience for all stakeholders.

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See Immediate Benefits on Each Project

Reliable Solution

3rd party certified and decades of in house technology and manufacturing expertise.

Extensive Data Available

Easily access technical data, product pictures, CAD and Visio drawings.

Seamless Deployment

Simpler installation processes and fewer failures in the field lead to a more efficient deployment.

Loyal Customers

Provide customers with a positive overall experience and build trust for future projects.

What People are Saying About REVConnect

At the InfoComm 2016 Conference 79% of attendees surveyed said that they were likely to switch to REVConnect.

"Ensures a good connection every time."

Carl Yanchar: President, Yanchar Design & Consulting Group

"The versatility is great."

Chris Clem: Estimator/Project Manager, 3C Business Solutions, Inc.

"Really neat solution for a much more rapid deployment of connectorized solutions!"

Jesse Fishman: Senior Audiovisual Systems Designer, The Sextant Group

"I already install Bonded-Pairs only. This will cut down considerably on the installation time."

Michael Karlow: Network Construction Manager, Washington University in St. Louis

"What a great time saver and quality saver. Great product."

Adam Godbout: Associate Technical Director, Huntington Theatre Company

"Very cool! Saves time and mistakes. I like the interchangeable heads."

Michael Stammire: Co-Founder and President, Digital Networks Group, Inc.

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Free REVConnect Termination Tool!

Free REVConnect Connector Sample

Get a free REVConnect Termination Tool with a single purchase of 100 Belden REVConnect 10GX Jacks or Plugs, or 150 CAT6+ REVConnect Jacks.

Recommend a Reliable and Complete Solution

PoE Ready

Gain superior PoE performance when installed with our small diameter Category 6A cable.

Six Patents Pending

More than 2 years of engineering work and innovation to create a simple and more reliable solution.

3rd Party Tested

The solution has been tested by the most trustworthy partners and rigorous standards to ensure reliability and performance.

Easily Access REVConnect Resources

Technical Data & Drawings