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Enabling better physical security and access control in the data center

Understand the Advantages of a Smart Cabinet Access System

What Is This White Paper About?

In the past decade more than 234 million records with sensitive credit card information have been breached. In the past year, several large retailers and online entities lost millions following security breaches and ultimately experienced reduced customer confidence.

Today’s enterprise data centers are at the core of protecting and securing digital information, and external cyber security protocols like antivirus, encryption and firewall technologies have come a long way over the past decade. However, physically securing private and confidential information in the data center is equally important—especially with the biggest cause of security incidents coming from within.

More than 60% of today’s security breaches are at the hands of company insiders or others with legitimate data center access

While physical security in the data center is a key part of industry regulations surrounding the protection of data, ensuring appropriate physical security of network equipment within data centers has often gone overlooked.

With advanced external network security like firewalls and encryption, many businesses consider access control at the room level to be sufficient. Many also fail to recognize the potential for internal threats and the need to bring physical security to the cabinet level and deploy methods for accurately identifying culprits when a security breach occurs.

When it comes to selecting a cabinet-level access system for the data center, there are several considerations; download the white paper to learn about each and keep your data center secure.

Who Is Belden?

For more than 100 years, customers who have required unsurpassed performance and durability for signal transmission have counted on the Belden brand. In the 20th century, that trust was built on high-performance wire and cable products.

Today, Belden designs, manufactures and sells a comprehensive portfolio of cable, connectivity and networking products for the transmission of signals for data, sound and video applications.