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Learn the technical data and science that goes into Iconoclast cable.


Iconoclast Speaker cables have been engineered to provide a balance of the lowest inductance and capacitance of any speaker cable on the market, yielding the sharpest, most life-like sound possible. From the physical design to the materials used in the cable, every aspect of the patented Iconoclast Speaker cables have been purposefully and meticulously selected to produce the most distortion free, life-like sound possible, making your listening experience more incredible than it ever has been.

Iconoclast Speaker Cable
XLR Interconnect

XLR Interconnect

Iconoclast XLR cable is a true XLR cable that has been engineered to be the most balanced XLR cable on the market, producing exceptionally clean signals and the most life-like sound possible. Each element of the patented design of the Iconoclast XLR cable was specifically selected to impart superior musical detail and the most realistic listening experience possible.

RCA Interconnect

Iconoclast RCA cables have been engineered to deliver the lowest capacitance possible, while not sacrificing inductance performance, yielding the purest, high fidelity signal for your system. Every feature of the patented design of the Iconoclast RCA cables, from the materials to the physical construction of the cable, has been deliberately selected to optimize the performance of your system and deliver the highest quality, most realistic sound possible.

RCA Interconnect

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