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Cyber Security for
Industrial Control Systems

Belden’s Industrial Cyber Security Solution Portfolio

Protects and defends your industrial networks, PCs and critical endpoints and industrial
controllers while maintaining high availability, reliable delivery and operational resilience

Securing Industrial Networks

  • Segmentation
  • Secure zones
  • Monitoring
  • Securing remote access and privileges, wireless and industrial protocols
  • Intrusion Radiation Protection



Tofino Security

Securing Industrial PCs, Endpoints, and Critical Assets

  • Inventory connected assets
  • Detect malicious changes
  • Identify vulnerable systems
  • Establish and maintain hardened configurations
  • Certified with Tripwire


Securing Industrial Controllers

  • Security status of PLC, RTU, DCS, IED
  • Protect against unauthorized access and changes
  • OEM and embedded security
  • Threat intelligence and response


Tofino Security


Industrial Cyber Security Solution Portfolio by Industry

Power & Electric Utilities

  • Legacy interfaces and protocol support for a migration to IP at your own pace
  • Complete Edge-to-Core Solution with WAN Access, Ethernet at the Core, Ethernet or Serial at the Edge, and Cyber Security
  • NERC CIPv5 support with audit-ready reporting
  • Security Zones and industrial protocol support

Cyber-Physical Security & Video Surveillance

  • Physical Security Extended into harsh and outdoors environments
  • Flexible port configuration and PoE/PoE+ support suited for the application
  • High redundancy support through Ring topology and redundant power source
  • Signal strength for long distances

Traffic Control & Transportation

  • Advanced Traffic Management and Security
  • Network Intelligent for optimized performance
  • Visibility to real-time traffic conditions
  • Hardened and ruggedized for outdoor traffic controls
  • Custom-fit and scalable for future expansion
  • Reliable and endurant

ICS Cyber Security Resources


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