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"Onboard Rail Vehicle System Uses Managed IP67 Switch"

This Application Note explains:Application Note

  • How on board Ethernet connectivity can be achieved using the Belden portfolio of rail certified products.

  • The willingness of Belden to support unique customer requirements as the Ethernet switch is fitted with another supplier’s connector, providing a unique solution to the challenges of the on board rail environment.

  • How a complete on board rail Ethernet solution can be implemented through the use of the rail certified Belden portfolio of switches, cabling and connectivity.

This Application Note shows how an on board Ethernet network can be implemented using Belden products as well as the flexibility of the Belden organisation when working with 3rd parties.

From the Application Note:

"The provision of PoE allows remote devices such as cameras to be easily powered, making their installation easier and cheaper”

". . . readiness to work with a partner to provide a variant of the standard product fitted with different connectors"

"Superior designed OCTOPUS device overcomes the challenging environment of rail vehicle usage"

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