What steps can I take right now?

system-uptime-icon.png Action


1. Assess
Where you are vs.
where you want to be


2. Migrate/Update
Make improvements on
your network

Proper Design

3. Proper Design
Benchmark your system and
compare with others


4. Protection
Make sure your
system is safe


5. Monitor
Ongoing monitoring
and troubleshooting

How to Participate in the Industrial Internet of Things: A Checklist

1. Assess

Easy Installation

Start with an assessment.



2. Migrate or Update

End to End Systems

Step two depends on your specific network.



3. Proper Design

Proper Design

A few ways to do this include finding ways to use more of what you already have.


Invented for Longevity

4. Make sure your system is protected


Start with a risk and vulnerability assessment to help prioritize what to protect first.



5. Monitor


Make sure to set up ongoing monitoring and troubleshooting with alert mechanisms built in.



Security: How do I keep my system reliable and protected?


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