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Leader.jpgFor over 110 years, Belden has propelled signal transmission technology forward as the world's leading manufacturer of rugged cable solutions.

Global.jpgServing dozens of markets across the globe, professionals rely on Belden's unsurpassed reliability and product portfolio to satisfy unique system needs while creating world-class customer value.

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Industrial Ethernet

 To support the proliferation of your mission-critical signal transmissions, Belden provides the performance and reliability needed to keep your connections strong and your automation up and running, even in the harshest operating environments.


Data Bus Cable

Designed for strength and reliability, our ruggedized data bus portfolio maintains peak performance levels under the most taxing industrial conditions. These cables are tested and proven to work in extreme temperatures and demonstrate resistance to oil.


VFD Cable

Variable-frequency AC motor drive output cables are subject to harsh operating environments characterized by high voltage spikes, high noise levels and adverse environmental conditions.


Flex Cable

The integrity of your system is only as robust as the product you use. From factory automation to process control, Belden flexible automation cables offer exceptional performance, superior flexibility and extended cable life in near-constant motion applications.


Control & Power Cable

Reliability - even in the harshest of environments - is the hallmark of Belden Instrumentation and Control cables. No matter what gauge size, conductor count, insulation, jacket, armor or rating, we can meet your needs.


Electronic Wire & Cable

In this age of high-efficiency production and processing, thousands of dollars worth of automation and monitoring devices and equipment rely on robust cabling solutions in order to work properly. To ensure reliable performance of such equipment, Belden goes beyond UL specifications to deliver cabling optimized for electrical performance and physical toughness.


SpaceMaker Series Electronic Cables

Connect machines and devices in space-constrained harsh industrial settings with these multi-use cables that are tailor-made for machine builders and device manufacturers' needs.  Our new SpaceMaker Series of Electronic Cables delivers the toughness you expect from Belden, but with a smaller diameter and more flexible design.

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