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Booth SL206 / Las Vegas Convention Center / Las Vegas, NV / April 13-16

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Featured Products

OX-Frame Reel

OX-Frame reels have become familiar sights wherever fiber optic cables are used for remote events and high profile sports broadcasts. Built with a lightweight, yet rugged aluminum drum design, these reels are an ideal solution even in the most demanding environments. OX-Frame Reels are stackable and are available in multiple sizes for storing the desired length of cable. Ask about Belden SMPTE hybrid and tactical fiber assemblies on OX-Frame Reels.

Custom Broadcast Assemblies

Belden now offers a wide range of hand-terminated SMPTE hybrid, tactical fiber, coax, triax, or audio cable assemblies. Assemblies are built to length, may be custom-configured, and are terminated with your choice of industry-leading connector brands. Before leaving our US-based facility, assemblies are rigorously tested, and test reports verifying performance accompany each shipment.

New SMPTE Hybrid Cable Series

As the demand for SMPTE hybrids has become more application-specific, Belden has kept up with changing needs by offering a variety of SMPTE 311-compliant cable and assemblies that are engineered to meet the needs of different environments and challenges. Belden’s SMPTE line extends far beyond an industry standard hybrid in riser, plenum, and waterblocked. Today, Belden also provides a solution for studio use, where the cable is designed specifically not to get caught under camera skirts during production. A 3-channel version addresses the need for multiple camera runs in a stadium. Other varieties include a harsh environment cable, a power breakout cable, and more.

MaxiBend Tactical Fiber

FiberExpress UHD Splice Cassettes effortlessly manage field-termination slack while providing the most comprehensive selection of port types available including MPO, LC Duplex, SC Simplex & Duplex and ST. Single-fiber and multi-fiber splicing support is managed through included splice holders that support the full range of 900 um, 900 um to 250 um, and even 250 um ribbon splicing for up to 12 Ports.

Single Link 4K Coax

Patch Cords

Superior quality and performance FX patch cords deliver a robust design to withstand the rigors of daily use in both off-the-shelf standard configurations and rapid custom tailored installations.


Presentation Schedule

Join Belden on Saturday, April 11 at 5:10 PM in room S219 as Steve Lampen presents:

Interconnecting the All-IP Facility: The Physical Layer

Are we heading for an all-IP infrastructure? Sure looks that way! Or, at least, that's one of your major options in the Station of Tomorrow. Then you'd better know how to put this stuff in, how to maximize the performance of the twisted pairs, fiber optics, wireless and other new technologies you will install. And, as bandwidth increases and critical quarter-wavelengths get shorter and shorter, there's no question that lack of experience will be a major contributor to network failure. This presentation will give you a view from the top of the icebergs you are heading for and how to guide yourself around them.

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