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Legacy to IEC 61850 Presentation 3: Designing for Reliability and Security

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  • The options for substation to control room communications
  • The various protocols for redundancy, including their applicable topologies
  • How to build a redundant network
  • How to secure the network using industrial firewalls, VPNs, port security, authentication and more

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More Details on Topics Covered:

1. Substation to Control Room Communications

  • Legacy networks
  • Networking today
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)
  • Hardened equipment

2.  How to to Build a Redundant Network

  • RSTP
  • MRP
  • Routing
  • Router
  • Cellular

3.  How to Lock it Down

  • Firewalls
  • VPN
  • Port Security
  • Authentication

4. Summary of Takeaway Points