Belden introduces many new features of the Hirschmann Operating System HiOS 5.0
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New Security, Redundancy, Fault Finding, and Ease of Use Features
Hirschmann Operating System HiOS 5.0

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The Hirschmann RSP, RSPE, RSPS, RSPL, MSP, OCTOPUS, RED, EES, EESX and GREYHOUND products will benefit from the many new features of the HiOS 5.0 software. These include state-of-the-art security enhancements to devices running the software, such as LDAP authentication for single sign-on across your organization. Customized user roles are also now available, which simplifies regulatory compliance.

Device Level Ring (DLR) is a Layer 2 redundancy protocol specified by the ODVA. It is used widely in Rockwell Automation / Allen Bradley installations. Hirschmann now offers DLR in the RSP (multiple port DIN Rail), the RED25 (four port redundant box) and the OCTOPUS II (IP67 wall mount) switches. No other switch manufacturer can offer this many device variants. With Hirschmann, you always have a switch with the right physical characteristics to match your customers’ requirements.

Rapid fault finding is essential for any mission-critical network, and mirroring data traffic to a network analyser is an essential tool. HiOS not only offers multiple ports to single port mirroring (N:1) but also VLAN mirroring and even RSPAN to mirror data to a remote switch port.

Key Differentiator: Technologies change quickly. And so do industrial network infrastructure needs. A product implemented in the past may have suited the requirements at the time, but today key features such as increased device security may be required. Belden provides free Hirschmann software upgrades, ensuring that any installed device is as state-of-the-art today as when it was first installed.

Target Applications: The software offers security, scalability, and ease of use functions which are relevant to all vertical markets where RSP, RSPE, RSPS, RSPL, MSP, OCTOPUS, RED, EES, EESX and GREYHOUND devices are installed. An important target market is any customer with Rockwell Automation / Allen Bradley equipment.

Who do I sell it to: All owners of Hirschmann RSP, RSPE, RSPS, RSPL, MSP, OCTOPUS, RED, EES, EESX and GREYHOUND switches can take advantage of the additional functionality provided by the free HiOS 5.0 software upgrade. It is available for download from the Parature Help Desk and the HiOS Switch Software website.

The DLR redundant topology function, and the large variety of Hirschmann devices which support it, is extremely interesting for any company using Rockwell Automation products.

To help you offer your customers comprehensive advice on the new HiOS 5.0 software we are providing you with the latest Product Bulletin, a customer promotion flyer, a link to download a detailed presentation on the technical enhancements as well as a link to our current software platform website.

Inventory: Common configurations of the RSP, RSPE, RSPS, RSPL, MSP, OCTOPUS, RED, EES, EESX and GREYHOUND products with the new HiOS 5.0 software are available for inventory consideration, although it is suggested to identify specific customer needs first as the customization is a benefit. Custom configurations are approximately a 10 business day lead time. For custom configurations please use the product/pricing configurator for part number creation and current pricing.

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