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Industries / Traffic Control/Transportation / Power Utilities / Pyhsical Security & Surveillance

GarrettCom Extends Physical Security Deployments into Harsh and Outdoors Environments

Reliable, scalable and secure, GarrettCom’s environmentally hardened products help customers extend their physical security capability into the harsh and outdoors areas. No matter it’s an industrial facility, critical infrastructure or educational campus, you can rely on GarrettCom solution for your physical security and video surveillance needs. Our diverse product offerings guarantee you with the most suitable and efficient solution for your deployment of any size and scale.

Purposely Designed for Physical Security and Video Surveillance:

  • High-bandwidth, long distance Fiber connection to network backbone
  • Small footprint, hardened enclosure for harsh outdoors deployments
  • Flexible port configuration coupled with PoE/PoE+ support
  • High Redundancy support through Ring topology and redundant power source
  • Advanced traffic management and security features
  • Operating temperature range of -40C to 85C with convection cooling
  • Industry leading MTBF numbers for longer lifetime (15-20years)
  • DIN Rail, Panel and Rack Mount Options
  • Rugged case for durability & noise immunity
  • High IP Ratings

Learn More about GarrettCom's Physical Security Techinical Brief

  • GarrettCom presented a webinar on Physical & Cyber Security for Industrial Applications. Click here to access slides from the webinar.