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Industries / Traffic Control/Transportation / Physical Security & Surveillance / Power Utilities

GarrettCom Facilitates Customer Migration from Legacy network to next-Gen IP-based Network

GarrettCom provides legacy interfaces and protocol supports as well as Ethernet, Cellular and IP on the same package. Your can fully utilize their existing substation devices with the legacy interface for now and seamlessly migrate to IP-based network, at your own pace, with minimum interruptions, by decommissioning these legacy connections and activating Ethernet connections using the same networking equipment from GarrettCom. On top of that, we offer the complete and proven cyber security solution to meet your security compliance needs including NERC CIP.

GarrettCom's complete edge-to-core Solution includes:

  • Utility-grade Magnum 10RX and 5RX security router and DX940 cellular routers at the WAN access
  • High performance Magnum 10KT and 10KG Industrial Managed Switches at the Ethernet Core
  • Compact Magnum industrial switches such as the 6KL, 6KQ, and ES42 at the Ethernet Edge
  • Hardened Dymec Links Serial Converters and Magnum 10XTS Terminal Server at the Serial Edge
Purposely Designed for PT&D applications:
  • IEC 61850 & IEEE 1613 compliance
  • IEEE 1613 Class 2 for substations
  • NERC CIP Compliance
  • Cyber Security
  • Fiber built-in to accommodate selections of Gigabit, 100Mb, and 10Mb.
  • Secure Remote Access
  • High-EMI noise immunity, reliable operation in the presence of interference
  • Power types such as: 125V, 250V, 110V, 24V, -48V DC, and worldwide AC
  • Dual-source option for high availability in case of power source failure
  • Operating temperature range, -40°C to 85°C
  • Rugged case for durability & noise immunity
  • High IP Ratings