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Industries / Power Utilities / Physical Security & Surveillance / Traffic Control/Transportation

GarrettCom Added “Network Intelligence” into Transportation System to boost Efficiency of Infrastructure Usage

With added visibility into real-time traffic situation and better control and management capability, GarrettCom solution can offer better ways to improve traffic flow within the existing infrastructure and road system, making it a true intelligent transportation system (ITS). With strong presence of Ethernet for higher bandwidth and Fiber optics for longer distance data transmission at reduced magnetic interference, GarrettCom purposely builds the products for the new generation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) with bigger bandwidth, ruggedness, scalability, and cost-efficiency. Many GarrettCom products are NEMA TS-2 Certified for Transportation and Traffic Control applications. 

Purposely Designed for Transportation:

  • Hardened, Outdoor-Rated Products
  • Conformal coating for corrosive or humid environments
  • DIN Rail, Panel and Rack Mount Options
  • Full Range of both 100Mb & Gigabit Products
  • Flexible and multi fiber ports supporting different media types, mode and wavelength
  • Modular design for flexibility in configuration
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE/PoE+) Support
  • NEMA TS-2 & TEES for DC-powered and PoE powered traffic control equipment
  • Resilient Network architecture with RSTP-2004, S-RingTM, and Dual-Homing
  • Redundancy< 5ms Per Hop RSTP-2004
  • IGMP Support for efficient use of network bandwidth