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This is a representative use case of several significant GarrettCom utility deployments

Application Note "Belden’s GarrettCom Magnum 10RX and DX940 Routers Deliver Secure Industrial Data Communications for North America and Global Utility Customers"

This Application Note explains:Application Note

  • How the GarrettCom Magnum RX and DX product lines help utilities meet utility central office and substation connectivity and security challenges while also providing for future expansion needs via multi-gigabit expandable ports, easy firmware upgrade, multi-device management and configurable security policies.

  • Why the Magnum 10RX and DX940 Routers are ideal for large substation installations with requirements for multiprotocol support and tight security.

This application note describes why Belden’s GarrettCom Magnum RX and DX product lines are ideal for power utilities, which need to remotely access substations over service provider networks.

From the Application Note:

"Supporting harsh environments and compliant to many industrial standards and certifications, GarrettCom equipment can be centrally managed, remotely accessed and protects substation equipment against cyber threats.”

“Legacy and serial communications can be more flexibly migrated to IP communications using GarrettCom networking equipment.”

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