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"Remote Monitoring and Management of Rail Vehicle Energy Usage"

This Application Note explains:Application Note

  • The importance of managing energy costs within a rail environment and one rail operators’ solution to this challenge.

  • How Belden’s ruggedized LTE router can be deployed within a rail vehicle, providing reliable train to ground connectivity.

  • By combining elements of the Belden rail approved portfolio (router, cabling and connectivity), a fully compliant on board Ethernet solution can be realized.

This new Application Note uncovers how to deploy train to ground connectivity over LTE GSM technology, enabling remote management and diagnostics of whole train fleets.

From the Application Note:

"The train operator required reliable connectivity to its entire rolling stock fleet to facilitate the remote monitoring and management of the on board electrical systems..."

"Belden delivered a cost effective LTE wireless solution designed for the challenges of being installed on board rail vehicles."

"...provide wireless connectivity, internet and remote access solutions for transport installations using high speed cellular technologies and embedded GPS functionality".

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